‘To fall in love is never wrong, but falling for them in a wrong way is awful. Never feel disgust for feeling something for someone.’

Just follow it with your heart. There is no one perfect to be loved and there is no perfect time to fall in true love. Just follow your heart and everything will fall into correct place .



Young love is a flame very
pretty often very hot and
fierce but still only light and
The love of the older 
and disciplined heart is as
coals, deep - burning ,unquenchable

The thought of young falling in love,
brings despair and sadness,
They quit because of the grief and guilt.
The thought of older falling in love
brings marriage and responsibiity,
They quit because of the shyness and society

Can you tell me the correct age 
of falling in love,
The one which only brings joy and  happiness,
the one with no adjustments,
the one with only love
the one with no tears.....



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