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I was a infant when i first fell in love, the first love of our lives is always our parents. Slowly i turned into a teenager and I wanted to fall in love with a special guy, who treats me like I deserve to be. But then the most devastating day of my life came. The day I realized that turning into a teenager is awful , and to be a girl is the most difficult part of my whole life.


I was hardly 13 or 14 when it all happened with me . Yes I was  socially abused by one of my family neighbor.  It happened in the days of summer holidays when i visited my cousin’s place in Mumbai . I remembered it well , obviously how can I forget that night ever ,the day I cursed for first time for the cons of being a girl . I was always my dad’s strong girl who is more like a boy(tomboy), who loves to hangout with guys and who used to love play cricket, basketball and all the  manly games. And i think that was my biggest mistake being more involved with boys which may have given sign to that 40 year old by that 13 year old girl that he is allowed to do whatever he wants to do with her and she will enjoy it. That fucking asshole ( sorry for the language) but I can never talk about it calmly I turn red. I was playing with my sister’s friend (guy) and my sister on terrace, when that jerk entered he offered us that he also wanna join us and we agreed and i think that was a very childish game that we were playing  but it was great of him that he wants to play with us (sense the tone). We started playing catch the thief game and he was the cop in that, so according to rules he have to catch us. He started running after me and my sister who is three years elder than me. Slowly I felt under my shorts and it was his hands yes he was fingering me ( though at that time was I was not knowing what it is called but i know that was a sickening feeling) I could feel his fingers touching my clitoris again and again. I felt quite uncomfortable and I ran away from him and he was doing it again and again . and this time I was quite pissed off and I bite on his hand very hard and i am very happy that I did so. I asked my sister to leave and she told me he did same thing with her and we decided to report this to our family members my sister was afraid and asked me not to do so but  I revolt her . I walked down to my dad and i told him the whole story and soon he was full of anger of course but firstly he hugged me and told me that he’s proud of me and I am a very brave girl. We called the real cops and asked him to arrest the fake cop. The boy who was playing with us he supported us and helped us too in that situation he was asking him to stay away from us. Thanks to him.

I would request you all to read this , the whole story and this is a true incident of my life, I never shared this with anyone but today I decided to publish it publicly because I realized it’s necessary to share it with you all. And yes all the girls out there please report these types of incidents either to your parents elder or anyone who could help you out in this situation.



  1. If I was 13 years old then I could never do this work which you have done, and this is not an easy thing, you have told your true story among so many people, and the girls like you are in this world till the rest Girls should not be defeated, and your mother and father should be proud of you💯Hat’s off MEGHA MISHRA

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