After friendship the special bond  that come between is actual love. The love that a man does to a woman or a man to man or a woman to a woman. I also fell in love actually the first love. I thought he loves me too but the bitter truth was that it was one sided.

Though it was a very beautiful  phase I was the most happiest person alive at that time. Till the truth hits hard I was used to make someone jealous. That moment all my feelings were crushed. I was broken into million pieces . Lucky are those whose true love last forever……………….



i live for that first second in the morning
when i am still half-concious
i hear the hummingbirds outside
flirting with the flowers
i hear the flowers giggling
and the bees growing jeaous
when i tun over to wake you
it starts all over again
the panting 
the crying
the wailing
the shock
of realizing
that you've left
that you were never with me 


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