One wise day a intelligent man told me that growth is consistent in life. The life is mixture of the rights and the wrongs done by us, but the main thing which we should never stop is learning . The growth is important and this can only be done when we keep in mind the things we do , the actions through  which we survive.



Maybe the true meaning of life
is to understand that
you have never been
in the same physical place twice,
not even within your own home

You see, the earth,
the solar system
and the galaxy are all moving
through space

And from this,
you learn that growth
is an essential part
of flowing,
of being

That growth is simply
learning how to suffer,
constantly moving and travelling
without letting your pain tear you apart

And take solace in the fact
that even though growth itself is agonisisng
your spirit was never meant 
to feel the same pain,
the same grief twice

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