The love lead to expectations , the ones who truly loves us and the ones whom we truly loves we expect a lot  from them . We expect that they will do whatever we like, weather its suitable for them we even don’t bother about that. I think there is nothing wrong in that but we just need to realize the real people around us, the ones whom we can rely upon. So next time u depend on someone or you love or trust make sure it is in its purest form from both sides.


And she was lost
she didn't know what she felt anymore,
she was both happy and sad at the same time.

She would never tell
how she felt
she would stay quiet
and keep it for herself.

She had lost so much
and gained so little
she would never feel good enough
for anyone
not even for herself.

She would laugh
and she would smile.
she would act like everything was fine
but she knew
she was living a lie
behind her smile
she held a broken heart

She would forgive over and over again
just because she was afraid to lose
someone who never saw her real worth

She expected too much
and never learned to let go,
she got attached too fast
and when time came, 
a part of her was gone too

And all the promises 
in which she believed
flew away just like the wind.

And she waited 
and waited
but he never came.

All she ever wants 
is to never feel again

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