Dark side of life!

Hearing her scream day and night,
watching her escape the unwanted sight;

Society was still filled with so much of
that they made her crave for sympathy.

Smoothness of those roses in bed were just so uncomfortable,
fragrance of it made her feel abominable.

No wonder, the memories gave her a septic,
building her up as an anesthetic.

There's a story hidden in every layer of her
no matter how deep you go, it would never
be enough to glorify her win.

Marital rape I am sure you all have heard of this term before but what did you did? Nothing as I know because how could you know what’s happening behind the door, fair enough so now if a rape happen between two close relatives behind that door! don’t ever screech or scream because you can’t pretend what’s happening.

Should I say to all the women who are facing it to stop the struggle because you can never win?? I must say that you hold an immense power in your hands. Please just don’t waste it just by being a part of just the crowd. Let’s come forward raise our voices and speak up to the world at top notches of our voices to let it be heard loud and clear enough.

I would like to give the special credits for the poem to my best friend and a very talented and young aspiration writer Bhavya Anand

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