Okay so pretty much awkward it is but I am sure it’s worth it!
I never thought we would ever share such a bond when I swiped right! I am sure even you didn’t think of it!
Since my last relationship, I’ve stopped loving myself not because I don’t want to do it but because I don’t remember how to do it any longer! Seems like I kinda forgot how it feels like to be loved, what does feeling of belongingness actually is, how it feels to be pampered, or how it is to throw cute and healthy tantrums on someone and see them dealing with them because they feel like doing it for you! All I’ve been doing and learnt is to surrender the whole of me just in hope of feeling all those things!
And now when I didn’t surrender myself to you, infact tried resisting all of it, I realised how irresistible it is! Whenever I talk to you, I feel so happy and most importantly I feel LIVELY. I feel PRETTY. I get to feel that belongingness, that warmth! I feel pampered and I definitely feel like troubling you with my mood swings and tantrums!! Just imagine how cool that would be?
I won’t say that I LOVE you because obviously that’s a really big word holding a really big meaning to be confessed and felt in such less number of days.
I just hope that the person I’ve talked to, the person I’ve tried to feel in these recent days was in its most real and purest form because it would hurt a lot losing you. I am bad at digesting confessions and so letting it out was kinda a better option!
My Loss. My Gain. MY COMPANY!!
(His obsession with business explains my last statement better!)

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