The first time I saw you,
I had a feeling that was new.
Your beautiful yet
“something is hidden” like
smile attracted me;
but there was so much in you
that I could feel but couldn’t see!
The day we met, the day we talked;
the day we shared, the day we walked;
that day was the day when I could say,
you’re the one I want to chase,
you’re the one I wish to praise!
Your head on my shoulder,
made my feelings bolder; those 30 seconds,
made me forget all my life lessons!
I knew you were already broken,
so I decided to keep my feelings unspoken;
but now when you’re afraid,
of your heart and soul being decayed;
I would rather turn the unspoken to spoken,
just to let you know that you’re worth the thousand pains!
Allow me face the storm of the pain,
because your happiness would be my gain!

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