my parents
are perfectionists
they can't stand
anything less
than perfect
I'm their
realist daughter
my mother
lists of
my flaws
i scratch
them all

1 ** my skin**
2 ** my hair**
3 ** my body**

in primary school
my parents
told my teachers
she's a little
doesn't talk much,
don't be harsh
i left my
quiet there
took my voice
and moved

4 **too loud**
5 **too bold**

my parents
have very
little words
at all
to them
i was born
a surprise
poetry dripping
from the sides
of my mouth
poetry clutched
in my hand
poetry in the
hollow of my chest

7 **too many words**
8 **too many opinions**
9 **unacceptable**

my father
is a war
my mother
is the
of it
I am the
in between
of peace
and ruins

10 **too soft too slow**
11 **pretty much naive**
12 **what are all those scars**

it's 4 am
i want to
throw my heart
off the balcony
but i don't
next morning
i step out
and the sky
smiles down
at me
another day
it sighs

13 **weak**
14 **not brave enough**
15 **not good enough**
16 **not enough**
17 enough.

I'm not perfect and i can stand that.

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