I am sorry I am not your dreamer anymore.
I am dreamless
will that be fine by you?
For I have always seen people picking roses and daisies
Rather than the weed growing on the sidewalk of your home
I am shadow of those trees
You once admired for being so long
Now this forest remains empty
With handful of fall stricken branches
I am sorry I let the rays of setting sun
Fall directly on your face
Because my mother told me
Nobody captures the photo of sunsets
It's a bad omen
Have I become one?
My body and my heart feels tired
Like the desert waiting for snow
It did snow in Sahara
But now the summers
No, the scorching pain is going to last long
It's ironical
How when I was young; we were told a lonely tree can die
But nobody told what happened if we too became one/
Tell me honestly, will you?
How would you introduce me if only I was your friend
Would you hide?
Some questions are left unsaid
And maybe they are better those ways
But it's all my fault
I am a bad driver of my life
I should have learnt the rules
But when I did
The world laughed and said'"Ah! a pampered kid"
May be my depression is a side effect and not he disease
Maybe it is a spoil brat wanting love rather than life
Maybe my depression is a grownup gone lazy
Waiting for someone to open the door
And help me out to meet my dreams
Which have flew away with the breeze
May be the spring can bring them back
Because I am not your dreamer anymore
And I am tired of it!!!!

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