Sometime your life is all about the people whom you love the most. All you think is about their happiness. You give all of yourself to them, and expect nothing in return but when unexpected things come your way, you shatter down. I believe that being patient is art which can be learned by all but can be inculcated by few. Do you remember the last time when you did something for yourself that’s very unexpected. Some things are unexpected let’s not stereotype unexpected things as worst of all the thing you all need to focus is your passion and happy life. Always and forever is a constant myth that give people false hopes. Do you also feel that sometimes these false hopes is all you need is that very moment, after knowing the fact that thee hopes aren’t permanent we get sense of satisfaction. Maybe- maybe we all are used to these temporary things but we are just not brave enough to accept that. UNEXPECTED feelings, incidents, wars, love, conflicts, meet ups, ends are part of our life and help us to grow in all a different direction. Having broader skills and minds is a subtle art of not giving fuck about many things. At the end of the day the things that matter is people who have contributed anyhow in making your day a bit better and made you smile even for once.But for me the most beautiful unexpected thing is friendship. In our lives we experience many different kinds of friendships. On the rare occasion we encounter someone so special that we just know we met for a reason. These are the kinds of friendships that last forever no matter what city you live in or how often you speak, no matter how old you get or what phase of life you are in. It’s the type of friendship that has no judgement and sticks by you even when you fuck up, it’s the kind of friendship that makes you understand unconditional love. Maybe you met your most special friend when you were 6,13 or 30 or maybe you are yet to cross paths. It happens at different stages for different people. But when it does, there is no greater comfort than knowing that this person will be right there beside you to share the happiness, the sadness and everything in between. So never run from these unexpected happenings maybe it have just occurred to add new colors in your life .

13 Replies to “UNEXPECTED”

  1. This Article is an absolute necessity for the people who tend to be selfless with everyone they encounter. Nothing is permanent, perhaps. One has to live with it and get used to the idea.
    Great Job πŸ”₯

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  2. Well written Megha 😊
    I want to share some thing which i saw in my life l.May be you will be agree.
    “Do not give the remote control of your emotions to other’s.Do not allow others to get a dip into your heart.Don’t allow others to know what you feel when you hurt.They are not responsible if you feel ruined.You know noone in this world has took born to fullfil your expectations. Noone here is made to make happy until you are happy within.”


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