The marriage soon gonna happen
The news spread among everyone
The girl is going to be the bride soon.
Everyone is looking so happy around her,
And what about her,
Is she happy?

Sweets have been distributed,
Cards have been printed.
Things are happening perfectly
around her.
And what about her?
Does she wants these things?

Everyone praises the couples,
The perfect groom,
The lucky bride people said.
Why is she lucky?
Did anyone ask her?
Do she feels lucky?

Mom and dad are so proud
that she agreed to their decision.
Is she proud of her parents?
Was this the way she wanted them
to be proud of her?

Mom came near to her before 'THE NIGHT'.
Mother for the first time talked to her
about all the 'SACRED THINGS'
said open your legs wide
Are you clean? she asked
satisfy his need! she exclaimed
Do what he wants!
Why doesn't anyone ask her?
What she wants?

When our society?
will turn marriage
into happiness, rather than a contract.
when we will be asked
what we want?
what we wish?
Ask yourself!
Does she want this?

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